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Sip and Save: $1 Coffee Daily*

Enjoy a delightful cup of coffee for just S$1*. Revel in the comforting warmth and flavor of our quality brews. Limited to 3 cups per member per day.

40% Off to Feed Your Cravings

Relish up to 3 bagels or mains each day at 40% off. Savour them on your own or share them with your favourite friends.

Treat Yourself to your favourite cookies

Grab a bite of happiness with our ooey gooey cookies or brownies for an irresistible price of just S$3.50 (U.P S$6.50). Have as many as you want!

  • S$19.90 / MTH


  • S$15 / mth

    S$45 billed quarterly

  • S$14.58 / mth


    S$175 billed annually